April 30, 2009

Two-thirds majority? Don’t be fool(ed/ish)

Filed under: Hawaii State Politics — Doug @ 6:29 pm

Part II of II in a Poli-Sci-themed day of posts.

I’ve seen a few Twitter tweets today about an agreement reached during conference meetings on SB 1677 that would require the Lege to pass a concurrent resolution with a supermajority vote before the conclusion of any sale or transfer of state lands to non-state entities.

If this were a ConAm question, then I’d be impressed. It’s not a ConAm. I’m not impressed. Future legislators, with a simple majority, could simply pass new legislation to suspend, repeal, or carve out exemptions to SB 1677. The Legislature, for reasons that should be obvious, has no power to (durably) restrict its own future actions in this manner.

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