November 28, 2010

Public comments for measures that became law without the Governor’s signature are catalogued and uploaded

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Since the records from my UIPA request were given to me crammed into a single large carboard box, the organization is less than perfect. Rather than sorting through the records and organizing them completely before I began, as perhaps I should have, I have been simply pulling out small stacks every now and then when I have time to work on the project. As a result, this latest batch is somewhat out of sequence. Even though there are still several hundred records from measures that were approved by the Governor, for some reason the records pertaining to legislation that became law without her approval were “filed” in the midst of records related to measures that she signed. This oddity doesn’t really matter much, because I will eventually process all of the records, and because the document index can be (re-)sorted by measure number to eliminate any confusion.

Anyway, I apologize for the posting hiatus. In addition to just needing a break, I had a run of library books on hold finally becoming available, then basketball season started, and all that meant I devoted less time to this weird “hobby” of mine. :) This batch took me past the 1900 record barrier, and the document index is now over 4200 rows. Wow!

So, what’s in this batch of records? Comments about opihi regulations, a flood of comments from Kakaako landowners/developers (including a comment from the Gannett Pacific Corporation) in opposition to changes regarding affordable housing requirements, a trickle of comments from supporters of that same measure, comments about amendments to the campaign finance law, comments from businesses and insurers opposed to a law forcing them to offer health insurance to part-time workers, some high-profile businesses and politicians commenting on the increase in the petroleum barrel tax, comments about extending the GET to online purchases, comments about labeling meat products that have been gassed to appear more fresh, and about legislation to put a five-year cap on residence in public housing.

As ever, to look at any particular document, point your browser to
[substituting the asterisks with the four-digit document number you want, using leading zeros as needed]. For example, here is the link to view the first page of this latest batch of public comments. REMINDER: all of the contents of this site (to include the uploaded documents) are published under a Creative Commons license. Please, respect the terms of that license.

META: So, what’s the dealio, BM? Are you gonna play me like Mr. Bennett for months, or what? You should know by now that I am a very patient man…

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