January 8, 2011

Gene Ward, the next GOP flag-bearer?

Filed under: Hawaii State Politics — Doug @ 10:28 am

With Linda Lingle and Charles Djou (temporarily?) hunkering down into post-political East Honolulu bunkers, and with Senator Sam Slom, i.e. the entire Senate Minority Caucus, quixotically presenting himself as the desperate rhetorical bomb-thrower, and with Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle distancing himself from the GOP during the election season, and with Duke Aiona, well, getting his ass thoroughly kicked by Neil Abercrombie…

It would appear that Representative Gene Ward, leader of the House Minority Caucus, is the new face of the Hawaii Republican Party, its so-called “titular head.” Lenny Klompus, a man suddenly without a political portfolio after years of carefully grooming Governor Lingle’s media presence, has hitched his wagon to Ward. Within days of Klompus’ arrival, Ward and other House Republicans have publicly sided with the one-member-too-small faction of House Democrats supporting Calvin Say to remain as House Speaker. I have a strong hunch that Klompus influenced that decision.

Sound about right to you, too?

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