September 16, 2010

Public comments for Acts 129 thru 169 are catalogued and uploaded

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Confession: I bought another motorcycle (new this time!) and have been a bit distracted for a while, so the newest version of the document index shows slightly less progress than I had hoped. Toys are only new once. Forgive me.

So, what’s in this batch of records pertaining to legislation that passed the 2009 regular session? Among the more notable subjects: tattoo artist regulation, renewable energy incentives, regulation of light pollution near observatories, taxation of gambling winnings regardless of offsetting losses (the gamblers were ANGRY), and expansion of advanced practice registered nurse authority. As ever, to look at any particular document, point your browser to
[substituting the asterisks with the four-digit document number you want, using leading zeros as needed]. For example, here is the link to view the first page of this latest batch of public comments. REMINDER: all of the contents of this site (to include the uploaded documents) are published under a Creative Commons license. Please, respect the terms of that license.

This batch does have one especially intriguing item: check out this record, a letter from ├╝ber lobbyist John Radcliffe about establishing two gaming casinos on Oahu. The report Radcliffe refers to in the letter was not provided in response to my UIPA request, and I challenged the Office of the Governor’s claim of “deliberative privilege.” The initial response from the OIP suggested that they will uphold the deliberative privilege—even if the report was not created by the government but was only “solicited by” a government agency. However, that OIP decision may have been made in ignorance of Radcliffe’s letter, which clarifies that the study is ten years old and, thus, was not solicited by the Lingle administration. I await further OIP review of my challenge, and I have a strong hunch that I’ll get the report. If I do get the report, it will be posted here, natch.

UPDATE: October 12, 2010: Ian Lind has obtained the report directly from John Radcliffe! The report is available from Ian, and from me.

BONUS: A picture of my new bike is here, if anybody cares. It’s quite a machine and I’m very happy with it.

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