August 29, 2010

Public comments for Acts 30 thru 128 are catalogued and uploaded

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If you take a look at the latest version of the document index you’ll find that I made a lot of progress in the past week. I’d estimate I’m now only about halfway through the box of records. Whew.

So, what’s in this batch of records pertaining to legislation that passed the 2009 regular session? Among the more notable subjects: mortgage broker regulation, renewable energy matters, increasing cigarette taxation (to include messages from Grover Norquist reminding the Governor of her anti-tax pledge), increasing conveyance taxation for properties valued over $2M, increasing transient accommodations taxation, a hugely popular bill to protect manta rays, various special purpose revenue bonds, and timeshare regulation. Also of note is that many of the cigarette tax bill opponents were sent hand-signed responses from the Governor [and a waffling response, at that], which made that bill unique among all the other legislation (or at least among all the records I’ve scanned so far).

As ever, to look at any particular document, point your browser to
[substituting the asterisks with the four-digit document number you want, using leading zeros as needed]. For example, here is the link to view the first page of this latest batch of public comments. REMINDER: all of the contents of this site (to include the uploaded documents) are published under a Creative Commons license. Please, respect the terms of that license.

META: The Senate Clerk has politely declined my request for these records to be hosted at the Capitol.hawaii.gov website. Disappointing. They choose to limit their site to “created by the legislature” documents, rejecting a more-expansive “relating to legislation documents” context. Or so I’m told. I believe that they are afraid these records are somehow “more political” than the testimony already available on their website. In rejecting me, they suggest that I ask the Governor to host these records. As if she’d ever agree to that after fighting with me tooth and nail for over a year…

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