August 16, 2010

UIPA follies

Filed under: General,Hawaii State Politics — Doug @ 6:33 pm

A few fun observations I made while working tonight to catalog more records:

Rule 1. If you’re going to redact an email address, then try to use a marker that is truly opaque. Especially true if this redaction is intended to obscure the Governor’s personal email address. Ooops!

Rule 2. If you’re going to redact information from a letterhead and/or a signature block, such redaction is more effective if the same information is not disclosed in another part of the same record.

Rule 3. Printing emails on the back side of other documents to conserve paper within the office is all well and good, but … printing those emails on the back of a random crackpot right-wing conspiracy theory and then making double-sided copies in response to a record request is poor form.

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