February 21, 2009

Bah. Who needs Rex Johnson, sexism, and porn? We have ninjas! Tourism is saved.

Filed under: Hawaii Media,Hawaii State Politics — Doug @ 10:37 am

One the best Advertiser headlines that I can recall: Ninjas sent to fight tourism slump.

Sadly, the author of this article seems to be oblivious to the laughably farcical premise. To “lure visitors from Japan” the Hawaii Tourism Authority (via its subcontractor, Hawaii Tourism Japan) hires ninjas to entertain pre-schoolers and shoppers in Honolulu(?). Who needs the economic stimulus package? This plan can’t fail. Whatever amount the HTA is paying HTJ, it is not enough—even in these tough economic times. I mean we’re talking ninjas, folks. Aww, yeah. Budget surplus, here we come.

Getting those weapons through TSA checkpoints will put a damper on the otherwise inevitable torrent of ninja tourists, but this plan is orders of magnitude better than having the previous boss in the news for forwarding racist and pornographic email messages…

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