February 18, 2009

Why did I pre-order? [grumble, grumble]

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Okay, I gotta admit that I’m feeling like a sucker for pre-ordering my copy of Cayetano’s memoir. After pestering the publisher for more than a year(!) while the publication date was repeatedly pushed back, I ordered my copy as soon as the website would take my money. It said books would be delivered February 13. I still have not recieved my pre-ordered copy.  A Friday release followed by a holiday weekend contributed to the slow shipping, of course. But on Sunday I see stories about the book in the Advertiser and Star-Bulletin. The Advertiser also published four consecutive days of excerpts from the book, and today we see the Capitol Notebook blogger flogging the autobiography, too. That’s a lot of free publicity and can’t hurt sales…

I feel like one of those Harry Potter dorks who did not go to the midnight release party and is forced to avoid the media and their friends (well, some of those dorks have more than one friend, anyway). When will I get my copy, dagfunnit!? :)

I did sneak a peek at the story sidebars to see that Cayetano will be signing copies of his book in a few weeks. I’ll be there! …if I have my copy in time.

UPDATE: I received my copy in the mail today (i.e. February 20). Postmarked on the 19th(!). Now I really feel like a chump for pre-ordering and paying for shipping when I could have went down the road to a bookstore last weekend and avoided shipping fees altogether…

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