February 7, 2009

Jon Riki vs. C-3PO’s evil cousin

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Just when I had thought that perhaps his blog had hit a plateau in its, well, slowly-escalating oddity, there comes this new post at Representative Karamatsu’s blog. Wow. A tour de force in bizarro rambling! Now, a post like that is less amusing coming from the Chair(!) of the Judiciary Committee than if it were from some random powerless “everyman,” but it still cracks me up.

Now, the fun part. Which male “elected leader” is 5P8C , and what is the issue at stake? Karamatsu says this all went down on Thursday, which is the same day his “Juiciary” committee passed out the Civil Unions bill. Karamatsu’s post mentions that this was his first meeting with 5P8C, which would make him most likely to be a freshman legislator.

So, which is a line from the Star Wars scripts, and which is from a political blog?

Choice A:

Only destiny will reveal 5P8C’s superior counterpart. I have learned that there will always be someone stronger, smarter, and better than you no matter what you think. If you fight negative energy with negative energy, sooner or later you will lose.

Choice B:

A: Your thoughts betray you, Father. I feel the good in you, the conflict.
B: There is no conflict.
A: You couldn’t bring yourself to kill me before and I don’t believe you’ll destroy me now.
B: You underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny.

I reckon this is what happens when too many people have those silly iPhone lightsabers! I don’t even have a cell phone. Sigh.

UPDATE: 5P8C is indeed Honolulu Prosecutor Peter Carlisle, according to a new blog post by Derrick DePledge.

Legislators continue to bemoan an unpleasant legislative task

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Recent stories (Advertiser and S-B) about the Governor asking legislators (via the media, instead of face-to-face) to delay the budget process until March make the Governor sound like an undergrad begging for an extension on her term paper revision, but I don’t think that’s what is really going on. It seems, to me, more like the Lege trying to avoid its responsibilities.

According to the legislative history, Governor Lingle’s executive budget (HB 200) was introduced on her behalf by Speaker Say on January 23rd. The website provides a PDF link that contains Lingle’s budget bill as submitted. So, [other than submitting most of her budget in landscape(!) orientation] what’s the problem, exactly?

Is her draft of the budget based on an outdated set of revenue projections? Hard for me to know for certain, but I’m 99% sure it is. However, that is the case every year, as the budget is submitted in late January and a new COR forecast is released every March.

It’s pretty clear (and understandable, from a cynical perspective) that neither the Governor nor the Lege is very eager to march at the front of the budget cut parade. However, the Governor has fulfilled her obligation to submit a budget for consideration. The House and Senate fiscal committees would like the Governor to submit another draft, showing where she would make even deeper cuts? I’m sure they would, and I’d love for the Governor (or anyone) to give me a spiffy new motorcycle, but none of that is likely to happen.

It’s time for the Lege to take its bite of the (bitter) apple. In years of increasing revenue forecasts you don’t hear legislators grumbling for revised input from the Governor about how to amend the budget. Well, that same policy should work just fine in the down years, too…

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