January 10, 2009

Random blog news

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First, on Thursday I sent a UIPA request to Governor Lingle asking for copies of the communication to and from her Office regarding the vacancy created by the death of Representative Nakasone. I reckon they will take the full 10 days that are allowed for a response, but we’ll see. The bigger question is if the Governor will stonewall or assert a claim that one or more of the exemptions to disclosure apply. §92F-14(b)(4) is probably what the Governor will exercise to withhold at least some of the records, but I seem to recall that the UIPA rules provide that I have still have a right to obtain a list of any records withheld (date, sender, recipient, etc.).

Next, I’m noticing a surge of visits on my server logs from an incoming link of “http://judintra” that began (perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not) soon after my post about the Judiciary budget. The IP address is 132.160.245.# which is assigned to hawaii.gov and administered by UH. I don’t know if that is some sort of Judicial branch intranet page or perhaps it is one of the legislative judiciary committees’ intranet page. Any readers arriving to this blog from that page care to clue me in? :)

UPDATE: I have also added the pre-hd-failure archive of my blog. Unfortunately, it seems that on the months where I was prolific enough to fill more than one “page,” the wayback machine (my only source for a backup) doesn’t have the entire month. I already knew that the reader comments were gone, but this is another level of bummer.

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