January 4, 2009

Senator Hooser turns to dKos for legislative inspiration

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After a playful exchange of emails wherein Senator Hooser requested that I return his blog to my blogroll (which I did, since Senator Hooser couldn’t do much worse than the already-blogrolled tripod.com-level introspective blather from Representative Karamatsu and the nearly-devoid-of-legislative-content blog of Representative Shimabukuro), today I notice a recent post from Senator Hooser at DailyKos (one not cross-posted on his own blog, oddly). Hooser is soliciting for ideas for the 2009 legislative session.

Some ideas now on the table include: Allowing the use of unemployment benefits to support obtaining a college degree and/or starting a small business. Mandating fuel efficiency standards for all new cars sold in the state, or at the minimum all new government vehicles. I am looking for others, and thought mining the minds of Kossack policy wonks who might be familiar with progressive initiatives occurring in other area’s, would prove especially fruitful.

So please, send me your best and brightest tangible proposals and I will do what I can to put them into action here in Hawaii. There are only two caveats: The idea must be tangible and specific and it must have no financial implications to the state budget whatsoever (no new taxes and no new expenditures). [emphasis added]


I’m not sure where that second caveat falls on the continuum between “cynicism” and “realsim.” Or, if you like, between “tokenism” and “superficialism.”

Be that as it may, the Kossacks quickly offered up a few suggestions:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Automated Payment Transaction Tax
  • Sentencing Fiscal Cost Forecasting [Note to Senator Hooser: No need to reinvent the wheel here. Just re-start the Hawaii Sentencing Simulation Model that was never allowed to complete its work.]
  • Cool Roofs
  • GET adjustments
  • Health Care Review
  • Hooser deserves some credit for his attempt to engage the internet medium, even if this particular effort is pathetic in its timidity and seems more than a bit, well, self-serving.

    This episode may also be of interest to those attempting to interpret Senator Hooser’s banner ad campaign at the Star-Bulletin…

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