December 27, 2008

Lucky I live Waipahu

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The power flickered at about 6:20, then out at 6:45 Friday evening. Looked around and saw that Makakilo still had power, but when I cranked up my emergency radio/light and tuned in to KSSK I learned that only the customers in the immediate vicinity of the Kahe power station had electricity. This was said to be a promising situation, as that remaining generator could speed up the process of bringing the rest of the Oahu grid. Then Kahe died, too. So, I turned off the radio and went to sleep. I reckon that was about 8:30.

I woke up at about 2:30 and thought it would be fun to go for a run in the total darkness (wearing a blinky LED for safety) since I didn’t feel like sitting around in a dark apartment listening to the “music” played by KSSK. While stretching and lacing up my shoes my power came back. That was at 2:44. I went for the run anyway.

From my place on Paiwa Street most of Waipahu had power until I got to the “Pupu district.” It was dark from there to Kunia Road. There are few streetlights past there (I run on old Farrington Highway), but those few were on until about Kapolei Knolls where they were out again. At about 7 miles, I turn around at Makakilo Drive, but West of there it looked all powered up. Shortly after turning back those streetlights between Knolls and Makakilo Drive flickered back on. Running East, I could see that the power extended (at least) to Pearl City. Central Oahu looked dark, but I don’t know how much I can normally see the lights of that area anyway.

Evidently it was dumb luck that I moved into the region where most of Oahu’s power is generated, as it sounds like my former neighborhood is unlikely to have power this morning. …Except for the Obama vacation compound down by Aikahi. Heh.

Now I’m gonna have some breakfast and jump back in bed. I’m tired!

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