December 23, 2008

Nominees to fill House District 9 are provided to Lingle

Filed under: Hawaii State Politics — Doug @ 6:47 pm

The Hawaii House blog introduces the three Democrats nominated to fill the seat left open upon the death of Representative Nakasone. Do all of these folks already live in District 9, or can they wait until actually selected to establish residence? I dunno. The law says that they must, so I assume the Party would not have nominated these three if they did not. I’m a bit surprised that Holter (County Chair) and Keith-Agaran (BLNR Chair, former Department Head and Deputy) both live in the only district that finds itself in need of an appointment. Dumb luck, I suppose. Not very surprised that those two were nominated, though.

Filimoe’atu, is probably the long-shot candidate if the only yardstick is name recognition, but being less of a Democratic Party “insider” may actually improve her chances of being appointed since the Governor is unlikely to be keen on naming Holter or Keith-Agaran.

I have no idea who would have the greatest support among the people of that district, but even that factor could be either a positive or a negative when you consider that the Governor will (or, if you doubt her partisan credentials, would be expected to) appoint the Democrat least likely to win election in 2010.

I reckon the major (or wannabe) power-brokers are not going to submit written comments to the Governor regarding this matter, but it would be interesting to review whatever comments are submitted. I’ll try to remember to make such a request after the January 9 (?) comment deadline is past.

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