December 20, 2008

Hello, again, world!

Filed under: General — Doug @ 4:01 pm

The hard disk at my old webhost bit the dust on Friday, and there were no backups.  Truly a nightmare.

My friend Heather was able to methodically download the monthly archives (minus all the comments, sadly) from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  Thanks, Heather!  Still, I had to sign up with a new webhost today and now I am trying to recreate this blog the way it was.  Links and widgets may take a while for me to figure out.  On my old blog I never messed with this kine stuff because  Ryan Ozawa handled it for me!

I miss the poi pounder background graphic and I have no idea where it was stored on my old blog and how to recreate it here.  Ryan?

UPDATE:  I figured out how to restore the poi pounder.  Now all I need is actual content, haha.

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