August 16, 2010

UIPA follies

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A few fun observations I made while working tonight to catalog more records:

Rule 1. If you’re going to redact an email address, then try to use a marker that is truly opaque. Especially true if this redaction is intended to obscure the Governor’s personal email address. Ooops!

Rule 2. If you’re going to redact information from a letterhead and/or a signature block, such redaction is more effective if the same information is not disclosed in another part of the same record.

Rule 3. Printing emails on the back side of other documents to conserve paper within the office is all well and good, but … printing those emails on the back of a random crackpot right-wing conspiracy theory and then making double-sided copies in response to a record request is poor form.

July 21, 2010

I’m baaaaack…

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Can you believe that I waited just over ONE YEAR for the Governor to provide me the records I asked for about the 2009 legislation sent to her for approval or veto?!

Well, believe it.  The saga of why it took so long will make an interesting meta post, which is in the works.

At last, I do have the records, and a new scanner, and OCR software, and the latest version of WordPress (3.0).  It is going to be a lot of work to get all of this online, that’s for sure.

Did anybody miss me?

March 21, 2009

Unclear on the social media concept

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Ed Case has sent another bulk spam message announcing that he is on Twitter and Utterli. I clicked through to his Twitter page and see that a few dozen people are already following him … currently, however, Ed Case is following ZERO people.

Not exactly how the medium was intended to be used. He is sending the message, “listen to me, while I ignore you.”

BTW, I am on Twitter as Poinographer. And, no, I don’t follow everyone who follows me. The difference is that I’m not running for office and selling myself as a great listener. Heh.

January 17, 2009

Kahului trip query

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Hey, readers, I’m going to be on Maui in March for the Run to the Sun… and I’m cheap!

Is it really necessary to rent a car to travel from the airport to the Maui Seaside hotel in Kahului? Are there any busses or airport shuttles? I’ll only have a carry-on bag, so (since the race is 36 miles and this trip looks to be about 2 miles) I could even make the connection on foot if the roads are not no-shoulder deathtraps.

January 10, 2009

Random blog news

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First, on Thursday I sent a UIPA request to Governor Lingle asking for copies of the communication to and from her Office regarding the vacancy created by the death of Representative Nakasone. I reckon they will take the full 10 days that are allowed for a response, but we’ll see. The bigger question is if the Governor will stonewall or assert a claim that one or more of the exemptions to disclosure apply. §92F-14(b)(4) is probably what the Governor will exercise to withhold at least some of the records, but I seem to recall that the UIPA rules provide that I have still have a right to obtain a list of any records withheld (date, sender, recipient, etc.).

Next, I’m noticing a surge of visits on my server logs from an incoming link of “http://judintra” that began (perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not) soon after my post about the Judiciary budget. The IP address is 132.160.245.# which is assigned to hawaii.gov and administered by UH. I don’t know if that is some sort of Judicial branch intranet page or perhaps it is one of the legislative judiciary committees’ intranet page. Any readers arriving to this blog from that page care to clue me in? :)

UPDATE: I have also added the pre-hd-failure archive of my blog. Unfortunately, it seems that on the months where I was prolific enough to fill more than one “page,” the wayback machine (my only source for a backup) doesn’t have the entire month. I already knew that the reader comments were gone, but this is another level of bummer.

December 27, 2008

Lucky I live Waipahu

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The power flickered at about 6:20, then out at 6:45 Friday evening. Looked around and saw that Makakilo still had power, but when I cranked up my emergency radio/light and tuned in to KSSK I learned that only the customers in the immediate vicinity of the Kahe power station had electricity. This was said to be a promising situation, as that remaining generator could speed up the process of bringing the rest of the Oahu grid. Then Kahe died, too. So, I turned off the radio and went to sleep. I reckon that was about 8:30.

I woke up at about 2:30 and thought it would be fun to go for a run in the total darkness (wearing a blinky LED for safety) since I didn’t feel like sitting around in a dark apartment listening to the “music” played by KSSK. While stretching and lacing up my shoes my power came back. That was at 2:44. I went for the run anyway.

From my place on Paiwa Street most of Waipahu had power until I got to the “Pupu district.” It was dark from there to Kunia Road. There are few streetlights past there (I run on old Farrington Highway), but those few were on until about Kapolei Knolls where they were out again. At about 7 miles, I turn around at Makakilo Drive, but West of there it looked all powered up. Shortly after turning back those streetlights between Knolls and Makakilo Drive flickered back on. Running East, I could see that the power extended (at least) to Pearl City. Central Oahu looked dark, but I don’t know how much I can normally see the lights of that area anyway.

Evidently it was dumb luck that I moved into the region where most of Oahu’s power is generated, as it sounds like my former neighborhood is unlikely to have power this morning. …Except for the Obama vacation compound down by Aikahi. Heh.

Now I’m gonna have some breakfast and jump back in bed. I’m tired!

December 20, 2008

Hello, again, world!

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The hard disk at my old webhost bit the dust on Friday, and there were no backups.  Truly a nightmare.

My friend Heather was able to methodically download the monthly archives (minus all the comments, sadly) from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  Thanks, Heather!  Still, I had to sign up with a new webhost today and now I am trying to recreate this blog the way it was.  Links and widgets may take a while for me to figure out.  On my old blog I never messed with this kine stuff because  Ryan Ozawa handled it for me!

I miss the poi pounder background graphic and I have no idea where it was stored on my old blog and how to recreate it here.  Ryan?

UPDATE:  I figured out how to restore the poi pounder.  Now all I need is actual content, haha.

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